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George F.

"I have recently purchased a 2 family townhome in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn thru Elise Larrabure, a Real Estate Agent at Corcoran’s Chelsea office. We have seen many properties, and as I embarked on my journey, through deciding on neighborhoods with good upside, thru dwellings in all different shapes, sizes and conditions, Elise has been extremely helpful, supportive and protective throughout. From researching renovation and design options, environmental issues to negotiating strategy, her service enabled me to purchase a property smoothly, and with no buyer’s remorse. Elise, thanks for all that you do. Anyone would be lucky to have you leading the charge."

Sam Gault

"Perfect spot for Friday afternoon Happy Hour with co-workers and friends."

Beth S.

John is a fantastic team member. He always has a positive attitude and will finish the project at hand no matter what the obstacles. He's willing to pitch in on any assignment, and I felt confident that projects I delegated to him would get done at the highest quality and in a timely manner. He needs very little direction - he has a strong sense of taking initiative and intuitively knowing how to go about solving problems. He's eager to learn more about the industry and be well-prepared for projects. He was an extremely impressive Assistant Account Executive and very highly regarded by both our clients and fellow colleagues. I would have John back on any team of mine, anytime.

Meredith Lee H.

I have had the pleasure of working with John at two separate companies and on both accounts he was the definition of a rock star. During one of our tenures, I watched John step up to the plate and take over a key business account when the senior director walked away from the business without notice. His ability to reassure the client and effectively manage the account by himself was truly an amazing feat and was the reason we did not lose the business. John is a true professional with an infectious personality that makes coming to work a treat.

Joe Feinleib

"Westport has a little bit of everything to offer its residents. A central location that has convenient access to 95, the Merritt, and an easy train ride into NYC. Fantastic waterfront views with activities like sailing at Longshore, paddle boarding on the Saugatuck River, and picnic dinners at Compo Beach. Plus plenty of opportunities to expand your arts, culture, and education awareness through town organizations and events."

Ashley B.

John brings an unbelievable energy to the team at Corcoran Sunshine. Creative and innovative, his concepts to market and promote new developments are proven highly effective. Above all, John’s talent is only matched by what a true joy it is to collaborate with him. It has been both an honor and a privilege to work alongside John throughout my career in real estate.

Sam Gault

"Downtown Westport is a foodie haven. Residents of The Mill are close to some of the top eateries in town. From grabbing a donut at Coffee An Donut Shop, enjoying the outdoor patio at Don Memo, or checking out Hudson Malone, one of the newest and hottest restaurants in town – the food scene does not disappoint."

Elise Larrabure

"I love this picture of Paul Newman at Hudson Malone. He was one of Westport's most beloved celebrities. My kids know him as the Popcorn and Salad Dressing guy. He was so humble and loved his community. His Goddaughter was in my daughter's second grade class and he was so sweet and came into class to read at Storytime."

Sam Gault

"The community comes together in the heart of Westport. I always look forward to the amazing downtown events like the Fine Arts Festival and Library Book Sale, concerts and movies at The Levitt Pavilion and Remarkable Theater and holiday celebrations like the Memorial Day Parade."

Elise Larrabure

Mitchell's philosophy being "Hug your people" resonates uniquely throughout the store and through all of the Charitable events they host and donate to. I always appreciate Zacks generous guidance when choosing gifts for the men in my family.

Ali H.

John's enthusiasm for his work is infectious. No matter how big or small the task; he always has a creative and positive outlook. He is an excellent communicator, multitasking master, and innovator. Simple put John is a true star!

Elise Larrabure

I love Yoga on the beach with Maggie's guidance. What a great way to start off the day.

Elise Larrabure

Terrian Garden Cafe is a little of the city blended seamlessly with Westport's charm.

Elise Larrabure

What an amazing dinner at Tarantino's. Kleber serves with such kindness and grace.

Elise Larrabure

There are so many options for our family hikes in our area.

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