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About Elise

Throughout the years, Elise has had the opportunity to witness New York City's many neighborhoods continuously evolve into different-and always unique- versions of themselves. While originally from the Upper West Side, Elise now balances life between Chelsea, NYC, and the Westport, CT area. Elise has drawn many connections between the rich art, culture, and entertainment of NYC to that of Westport. She has found a way to satisfy the “nature lover” in her heart, while continuing to explore and be stimulated by lively communities in Westport, CT.

Elise sees herself as her client’s Westport Connection and is here to guide those interested to this beautiful coastal town, which is located just an hour from the city. Whether as a primary abode or a second home, “Westport provides the land and greenery while continuing to hone the diversity and lively entertainment that is valued in NYC.”

Elise enjoys the city’s dynamic energy through simple pleasures, like daily walks with her dog and experiencing different cuisines, which are activities well accommodated in Westport as well. Westport is home to beautiful beaches and various outdoor activities, such as tennis, golf, and sailing, while also being home to local stores, restaurants and a vibrant town to wander through and find something new each time. 

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George F.

"I have recently purchased a 2 family townhome in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn thru Elise Larrabure, a Real Estate Agent at Corcoran’s Chelsea office. We have seen many properties, and as I embarked on my journey, through deciding on neighborhoods with good upside, thru dwellings in all different shapes, sizes and conditions, Elise has been extremely helpful, supportive and protective throughout. From researching renovation and design options, environmental issues to negotiating strategy, her service enabled me to purchase a property smoothly, and with no buyer’s remorse. Elise, thanks for all that you do. Anyone would be lucky to have you leading the charge."

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